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$199 Car; $239 SUV/Van
These days, our cars are increasingly becoming an extension of ourselves. We're often judged by the condition of our vehicles, so it's important to keep them looking their best. Unfortunately, with all the dirt and grime that comes along with driving, it can be difficult to maintain such a level of cleanliness on our own. Fortunately, Elite Shine Detailing LLC offers a comprehensive Silver Auto Detail Package that is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their ride looking like new.

The Silver Auto Detail Package from Elite Shine Detailing LLC is ideal for anyone who wants a thorough detailing for their car without breaking the bank. This package includes exterior hand wash and waxing as well as interior vacuum and shampooing of carpets and upholstery. The team at Elite Shine Detailing will also apply tire shine product to give your car an extra layer of protection against dirt and grime buildup while also making your ride look great! In addition to these services, we'll also provide window cleaning inside and out as well as polishing any chrome components on your vehicle. Finally, we'll finish off with an air freshener application so you can drive around in style while enjoying a pleasant scent inside your vehicle!

One of the key benefits to booking an auto detail package from Elite Shine Detailing LLC is that you can rest easy knowing your car is being handled by experienced professionals who know what we’re doing when it comes to detailing cars. We use only high-quality products which are designed specifically for automotive care so you can trust that when we're done with your vehicle it will look just as good (if not better) than when you first bought it! Additionally, their technicians have been trained in proper techniques for safely handling all types of surfaces including leathers and plastics - ensuring optimal results without damaging anything during the process!

Another advantage associated with choosing this package from Elite Shine Detailing LLC is its affordability - something we could all benefit from these days! Their rates are competitively priced compared to other detailing services around town; meaning you won't have to pay top dollar just to get quality results every time! Plus since this service includes both interior & exterior work - there's no need worry about having separate appointments or multiple visits which saves time & money in the long run too!.

Finally, what truly sets apart this Silver Auto Detail Package provided by Elite Shine Detailing LLC apart from others is its attention paid towards customer satisfaction - something very important in today's world where businesses tend focus more on profits than people. Their friendly staff are always available should any questions arise throughout the process while we take pride in ensuring every job meets (or exceeds) expectations before leaving customers' premises!. That type commitment combined with quality service makes booking this package a no-brainer if you want superior results at reasonable prices without compromising on quality or customer service!.

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